Macabre...ish Horror Review: Reality Z



Reality Z, 2020/ Season 1


This series is a Brazilian remake of the British series, Dead Set.

There is ongoing unrest in the area and on the news and the assumption is rioting but it’s definitely something else. It soon spreads to the congressional floor and politicians begin to flee.

At the same time, a live airing of a reality show is filming and they are being threatened with their on air slot being co-opted by news that is covering the unrest.

Meanwhile, some of the crew are having interpersonal problems. Soon the unrest spreads to the set by some parents of some contestants when they arrive with an undead passenger, the zombie plague runs through the studio like wild fire, the live audience and crew are obliterated. And the sequestered show contestants have no idea.

 Instead of Big Brother, the show is called Olympus (Olimpo) and the contestants are called Gods and every week, one is banished from Mt. Olympus.

 Also the same, scene for scene and character for character with some good filler that makes sense. Many of the characters even look the same as their counterpart’s on Dead Set. Some moments and relationships between certain characters are changed but the changes are solid and pretty good.

The zombie acting and effects are very good! They are fast moving zombies. The action is fast, the pacing is good and it’s violent. Blood, gore and destruction and a good sound track! This is as good as Dead Set, if not a little better because of their additions. Maybe we’ll get more than one season of this show.

P.S. Dead Set fans, this continues past the last scene of Dead Set, this series is a longer first season.