Macabre...ish Horror Review: Rec



Rec, 2007/ 78 min. Is a story that takes place in Barcelona, about an assumed outbreak and subsequent quarantining of a building. Leaving terrified tenants, law enforcement, rescue workers and a journalist and her crew trapped and desperately trying to survive and escape.



Also the movie is almost entirely in the dark. It is part of the aesthetic and definitely adds to the scare factor of the movie.



During their fight for survival, it is discovered that the evil in the building isn’t an infection at all but demonic possession.



The discovery of an apartment hints to clues and possible Vatican involvement. This is a Spanish movie, in shaky cam found footage format, it does come with dubbing and English subtitles if needed. This movie is even shorter than Quarantine, which is the American remake, at 78 minutes.


I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, even though I watched it after seeing Quarantine and almost frame for frame, it’s the same movie but the possession tilt to it was still nice and did feel different because these are not American actors.


It is also bloody and graphic and the demonic transformation is nice. The movie is well done! There are 3 other movies that I will list eventually Rec 2, Rec 3 and Rec 4.


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