Macabre...ish Horror Review: Rec 2



Rec 2, 2010/ 84 min. This movie picks up where the first one leaves off, 15 minutes later to be exact. Another round of law enforcement is going in with a representative of the Vatican, on a secret fact finding mission. As well as a search and rescue. This highly contagious infection is passed through bodily fluids, and appears to be of a spiritual nature as well as physical...possession infection. And the infected is impacted by the sign of the cross and prayer. 





Infection is fast. And so are the infected, fast, relentless and brutal. It appears the point of their attacks is simply to pass the infection on. But this is no illness, this is demonic possession that presents itself as illness. 



In the penthouse they find what amounts to a lab and the walls covered in newspaper clippings. A doctor was performing tests on the original carrier, a girl. They discover the doctor was also doing experiments there with other kids and infecting them all and storing them in his attic, keeping them locked away. 


This whole mission has fallen apart. The sample’s been destroyed, civilians have gotten in and recorded the scene, the infection is spreading like wildfire. There’s no way for this to end well. 



This is a good gory movie. It can easily be watched right after the first movie to make a more complete story. It is in the shaky cam/found footage format. Very graphic and violent. And the infections are zombie like. If you like zombie movies you’ll likely enjoy this. Also lots of scary kids in this movie. Enjoy!



This is a Spanish movie but it does have English subtitles.


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