Macabre...ish Horror Review: Rec 3: Genesis




Rec 3, 2012/ 1 hr 25 min. The horror continues at a church where newlyweds, Clara (Leticia Dolera) and Koldo (Diego Martin) are preparing to wed. Lots of ‘videographer’ footage that continues to shaky cam throughout the movie. The party movies from wedding to reception and it begins a little slow. It’s like watching someone wedding videos. Definitely slower than the first two. But if you pay attention, there are some characters in the group. SpongeJohn! 



The first inkling we have of a problem is late into the reception, there are men outside in yellow suits and the first person is infected in the movie about 17 minutes in, and it all begins with this guy..



Uncle Pepe and it’s all downhill from there. Because their families are so large, there are lots of infected and they’re everywhere.


Clara and Koldo get separated in the madness and fight their way through their infected family members to find each other. This movie is not a horror comedy but some of these lines, moments and kills are hilarious!



As is usual of zombie movies, there are fewer and fewer uninflected as the movie goes on and it’s seems to be just a 12 hour period or so from the beginning to the end. 


The bride, Clara, after her infected mother is shot in front of her, she stops running and hiding, arming herself, she goes looking for Koldo.



This movie has some good kills. And is graphic and gory as expected. It has the feel of, life was happening and the outbreak happened and it’s spreading. No intriguing story line like the first too. But a continuation of the outbreak and it is still true to original story line. But for real, think of Uncle Pepe, watch it for him!



 And yes, this one is still in Spanish but offers English subtitles if needed. Enjoy, zombie fans!!




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