Macabre...ish Horror Review: Red Mist


Red Mist


aka Freakdog, 2008/ 85 min.



Medical students at Forthaven General Hospital screw up royally when they find out that Kenny (Andrew Lee Potts) a socially awkward janitor who also works at the hospital, has evidence of them getting drugs from the hospital pharmacy that can get them all expelled, they have an idea to get him drunk and get his phone. When it goes too far and he falls into a coma after an epileptic seizure, they struggle with the decision of whether to help him or not, if he recovers, they’re in big trouble. If they don’t, whether he stays in a coma or dies, they’re in the clear. In the end, they dump him off in front of a hospital and pray he doesn’t wake up.


One of the students (Arielle Kennel) is struggling with what they did and decide to try to revive him with an experimental injection, it seemingly does nothing but cause his brainwaves to overreact. But it did do something and they’re all going to pay for what they did.



The experimental neural regeneration drug gives the receiver the ability to leave his body and enter into someone else’s body. Possessing and controlling them. One by one each student gets death for what they did to him.


One horrific death after another. 



It’s a low budget indie from the UK and I enjoyed this movie, short and too the point. Decent story, good concept and cinematography. I never knew what might happen next. It’s graphic, bloody and gory.



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