Macabre...ish Horror Review: Reeker

Reeker, 2005/ 91 min. Five students on their way to a party find themselves stranded at an inexplicably abandoned rest stop when their vehicle breaks down. Attempts to fix their car or get help fail so they settle in for the evening. Soon they’re all seeing visions of mutilated people popping up everywhere.


They aren’t sure if what they’re seeing is real or not but it’s all horrific. And accompanying some of these visions is an awful stench. Finally, the consensus is, there’s a killer on the loose. They can’t get any phones to work, landlines included and with the road closed, there’s no traffic. They’re on their own. 


One by one, they are either killed or disappearing. This group may not make it through the night. 


This movie is bloody, gory and graphic. The cinematography and effects are pretty good. Don’t let this little low budget fool you, it’s got one heck of a twist! Enjoy!


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