Macabre...ish Horror Review: Resident Evil



Resident Evil, 2002/ 100 min.


A genetically engineered t-virus is stolen and contaminates the Hive, a genetic research facility, belonging to Umbrella Corp. and located underground, below Raccoon City. Resulting in the facility’s AI and security system, known as the Red Queen, seals the Hive and kills everyone inside.



A team is sent into the hive later, to shut down the Red Queen.  The entrance to the hive is a mansion and in the mansion is Alice (Milla Jovovich), who has amnesia and Matt , who claims to be a cop, both are forced into the hive with the team. On the train, on the path to the hive, is another amnesiac, Spence. The commandos explain that everyone, except Matt, is employed by Umbrella, Alice and Spence were hired to guard the entrance.



Inside the hive, 4 of the team are killed by the laser defense.




As the rest work their way in, they’re warned by the Red Queen, not to go further. Once the group does they encounter zombies who are what remains of former employees,




including zombie dogs and other mutations.




All the result of the t-virus contamination. As they fight their way through, Alice and Spence are recovering their memories and remember some unexpected truths about their employment here.


Some of the group are attacked and killed, some are reanimated and killed again. Alice and Spence recover all their memories and most of the team is either dead or infected by the time Alice makes it back to the train. Once back at the mansion, only she and Matt are left and as he mutates, a team of people in hazmat suits take him away to put into the

Nemesis program. The Hive will be reopened for investigation. Later Alice, wakes up on an examination table and after leaving the building, she finds an empty city in ruins.





I really enjoyed this one. Its has some of everything...zombies, monsters, espionage, underground secret facility, murderous AI and apocalypse, just to name a few. Good effects, kills, well done zombies and jump scares. Its an entertaining story, well paced with a good cast.



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