Macabre...ish Horror Review: Resident Evil: Apocalypse



Resident Evil: Apocalypse, 2004/ 1 hr 38 min.


After Alice and Matt, an environmental activist escapes the Hive, an underground research facility, in an attempt to expose the misdeeds of Umbrella Corp. They were taken into custody of the corporation and a team is sent into the Hive to investigate what happened there. Resulting in them being overrun by zombies, quickly spreading into Raccoon City.


As the virus spreads, Umbrella Corporation puts the city under quarantine to contain the outbreak. They collect their most important important personnel and their families and relocate them but an accident strands one of their kids in the city. 



And her father, Dr. Ashford, uses his hacking skills to contact anyone still left in the city to find his daughter, Angela. Offering rescue in exchange.


Alice, after waking up alone, naked in a lab, discovers a blighted, chaotic city. She eventually connects with stranded S.T.A.R. Members, a reporter, hilarious citizen, L.J., team up with stranded Umbrella Soldiers to find Angela, in order to escape.



While navigating the city, they take on zombies, infection and loss dwindle their numbers as they also encounter monsters, zombie dogs and the Nemesis testing ground.



During the rescue they discover a lot more secrets of Umbrella that include Angela, a super soldier program known as Nemesis, what became of Matt and just how diabolical Umbrella Corporation is. Now they have to get out before the city is destroyed in the last desperate attempt to contain the outbreak.


It’s available here on itunes, Enjoy!



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