Macabre...ish Horror Review: Rest Stop



Rest Stop, 2006/ 85 min.



On the way to California, Jess and Nicole, pull over at a rest stop after being nearly run off the road by a truck that they keep seeing around, they end up on a road that's not on the map and find a remote and frankly scary, rest stop. The sun is still up and an RV is parked out front so they take a chance.


As expected, inside is a filthy hell scape and inside the stalls are ominous warnings and a tag number. When Nicole goes back outside, she is alone, Jess is missing and she sees that yellow truck pulling out. She thinks Jess is messing with her. But upon approaching the pay phone, she finds a tack board covered in missing persons flyers.





She's unnerved and searching for help but apparently she's all alone despite seeing photo flashes in the RV. Once again that yellow truck comes back and this time, almost runs her over, then tosses Jess' cellphone at her and as it speeds away, she realizes the license plate is the same number that's written in the stall.





This guy is clearly playing some twisted game and he's been playing it for a long time.

At dusk, Nicole breaks into the office to try to use the radio to call for help and when she turns on the tv, she sees herself and Jess having sex. She gets a response on the radio and the man's name just happens to be Jess.


When she finally gets help, it's not help and the people are crazy, religious nuts, specifically. This movie just gets crazier as it goes. And I think it crosses a supernatural  line as well but it's a little unclear.





This is a psychological horror. Expect sexual scenes, flashbacks and mind games. Also, torture.





It's a good low budget movie with only about 8 people in it. The effects are good and so is the casting. Joey Lawrence shows up! He’s a cop and he’s good and a few of his reactions are hilarious!





And it's cool to have a tough lady in it who fights hard to survive. It gets brutal and kind of trippy. It's also hopelessly bleak. 





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