Macabre…ish Horror Review: Return of the Living Dead Part 2



Return of the Living Dead Part 2, 1988/ 1 hr 28 min


During the transport of barrels containing trioxin a few fall from a truck and ends up in a drainage pipe near a grave yard. Just to be discovered and opened by some local kids. They run away once they see what’s inside.

Meanwhile, a trio of grave looters, Joey (Thom Mathews), Ed (James Karan) and Brenda (Suzanne Snyder) seek body parts and treasure to sell and set up in a mausoleum. And soon, those kids return to those barrels, push a few buttons on the keypad and a plume of noxious black gas washes over them and the entire grave yard.

The kids are sickened by the gas, the tar man escapes a barrel and when it rains, the residents of the cemetary, rise from their graves. And Joey and Ed are right in the middle of it. As the run away, one of the kid’s that found the barrels, Jesse (Michael Kenworthy) tries to warn his family but after being ignored, calls the Army for help.

The National Guard arrives but it’s made worse and a few civilians led by a kid saves the day.

This horror comedy is the alternate universe of the first Return movie. Ed is still crying and he and Joey are still botching their escape all over town. The zombie effects and acting are good and gross plus they also talk in this one.