Macabre...ish Horror Review: Return To The House on Haunted Hill




Return to the House on Haunted Hill, 2007/ 1 hr 21 min


Eight years after the event and slaughter at the Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute of the Criminally Insane, Sarah, one of the survivors of that slaughter but she ended up not surviving it after all. Her sister, Ariel, seeks answers about her death and finds unexpected answers concerning an ancient relic and all the unsavory characters who are searching for it.


The hospital was abandoned after being run by a sadist, Dr. Richard Vannacutt, in the 1930s, after being abandoned, it was then converted into a private residence. There was a party thrown and most of the guests were murdered, the host, Price, committed suicide but it was said the real killer was whatever evil remained of Dr. Vannacutt.


The night Ariel discover’s her sister mailed her something, just before her death, she and her boyfriend are kidnapped by a group of ‘fortune hunters’ and forced to Vannacutt’s for a treasure hunt. This treasure is worth $5 million to them. The Baphomet idol, it is said to be a vessel of evil that influences men. It may have turned a celebrated philanthropist and brilliant doctor, into a butcher. Turning his hospital into a house of horrors where experimented on and tortured his patients to death.


At the same time, a local writer and antiquities dealer and his assistant is also at the abandoned mansion, on the same quest.

Shortly after arriving, the house prepares for lock down and the two groups are powerless to stop it. And weird stuff starts happening immediately.


This place isn’t just haunted and full of ghosts, it has memories and those memories express themselves violently. The atrocities replaying themselves in real time and this time, the victims are the house guests.


The physical, monster and cg effects are so good. The movie was entertaining and fun. Kept my attention, had good pacing and it was graphic and gory.