Macabre...ish Horror Review: Ridley Scott Alien 1979



Alien, 1979/ 1 hr 57 min. The crew of the commercial vessel, Nostromo, is awakened from cryo-sleep prematurely, having only made it half way back to Earth, to the surprise of the crew.



The ship, Mother (voice of Helen Horton), has awakened them to investigate a distress signal transmission from an unknown alien ship. And the crew is duty bound to investigate. 


Arriving at a defunct, seemingly empty ship, they find remains of alien life that died a long time ago.



With the exception of a chamber filled with egg like objects. One of the crew is attacked by something that comes out of an egg and attached itself to his face. Along with the rest of the crew, he returns to the ship. The ship doctor Ash (Ian Holm) ignore quarantine procedure against the advice of Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and that was a huge mistake. One they will all pay for. It would seem that distress signal wasn’t a call for help but a warning to stay away.


In attempting to remove the alien from the crew member’s, Kane’s (John Hurt), face, they discover its blood is acid as it spills on the floor, quickly eating through the hull.



And not only is Kane not dead but the alien is injecting something down his throat. Eventually falling off on its own and dying. Kane seems to be ok until later when some creature bursts out of his abdomen. 



This creature is growing at an accelerated rate and the six remaining crew are in danger. They gather what weapons they can find, while part of the team search for the organism, Dallas (Tom Skerrit), turns the ship toward home. Brett (Harry Dean Stanton) is killed during the search with Parker (Yaphet Kotto), when he happens upon the seemingly different alien, which has matured within a matter of hours.



Now the crew is desperate for a way to kill this thing before it’s too late. 


When it is discovered that Ash is not human but a machine and has his own orders separate from the rest of the crews’.



To return with the alien organism. They all discover the danger may have originated from the inside, all along. It is decided they will blow up the ship and escape in the shuttle.


I always forget that there’s only about 8 people in this movie, you hardly notice, you get so drawn in. As always, Alien, never disappoints, all these years later! 


I have no idea if the Alien movies are streaming anywhere but they’re available here.


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