Macabre...ish Horror Review: Rigor Mortis



Rigor Mortis, 2013/ 1 hr 45 min


In apartment 2442, a man, Chin (Chin Siu-ho) hangs himself and at the moment just before his death, he is possessed but another man, Yau (Anthony Chan), comes in and cuts the rope he is hanging from and exorcizes the spirit, one of a pair.

Then he, Yau, goes about his business making free rice for the locals. And tells tales of vampire hunters and that vampires are afraid of rice.

Another of the building’s tenants, Mr. Tung (Richard Ng) took a heinous tumble down a flight of stairs but his desperate wife, Aunt Mui (Paw Hee-Ching), has someone use magic to summon his spirit back to his corpse. But it’s a lie, Tung would be used for something else entirely. And it’s dangerous.

There’s something up with this building and all the inhabitants. Their existence is very different from everyone else’s and the building seems to be a place of tragedy and sorrow. It’s as if they each live in their own personal limbo.

And the end we wake up to the reality of this story and it seems worse than the truth.

This movie is so well done! The physical effects and CG are really nice. The choreography, story and all the characters kept me hooked. Expect blood and graphic scenes and suicides. This film has Chinese audio and English subtitles.