Macabre...ish Horror Review: Ring Ring



Ring Ring, 2019/ 1 hr 12 min.


Self loathing junky, fraudster and driver, Jacob, dresses up as his mother and cashes her ssi checks. His life is a terrible mess but only gets worse when he decides he needs to make more money via more crime.


Meanwhile, quirky office coworkers are planning a Halloween party but first, the company is shutting down their office and they are all out of the job. A couple of them make a plan to steal the company client list and go into business for themselves. But they have to break into the boss’ computer to get the list. It’s a felony but they’re doing it.


They go out to celebrate later and one of them gets lucky and loses his phone, which has the list and his car. His phone, by the way, has the client list on it.


Anyway, the coworkers, Will and Amber, track the phone down, go to the address and search a seemingly empty house for the phone.


But when they go into the basement, someone locks the door behind them. But Amber has a plan when she’s let out to use the restroom but it goes awry when some else dies instead of their kidnapper. Then it leads to a domino effect of death. Instead of him having just one body to hide, he now has 4.


But Jacob slips and impales himself in the fall and that’s not the only unexpected thing that happens.


This is not particularly scary but there are a few scary circumstances. This is part stoner, part The Office vibe with dead bodies and series of very unfortunate events. It wasn’t horror but I enjoyed it, especially the end which was a surprise! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie with such an ending.