Macabre...ish Horror Review: Ringu 0




Ringu 0 (Ring 0 Birthday), 2000/ 99 min.



Thirty years before The Ring, a journalist seeks information about a student, Sadako, who’s mother committed suicide and inquiring about powers that she may have inherited from her mother. Among other things, the ability to heal others with a touch and seriously accelerated healing in herself.



Meanwhile, Sadako joins an acting troupe as an understudy as prescribed by her therapist to overcome her chronic nightmares. But her beauty and charm creates chaos amongst the troupe. Not just that, the other members are beginning to have terrifying nightmares and visions of an old well behind her. One of the actor’s, Aiko, is found dead, sitting in her chair and Sadako is the suspect in her death. Especially when she takes Aiko’s place in the play.


The strange occurrences increase, apparitions of a girl with long black hair, ‘You will die’ being repeated in their play recordings, ghost and well sightings. And it is creepy! Add in a obsessed creep of a troupe director who intends to own Sadako based on secrets he thinks he knows about her and it gets really weird.



Members of the troupe and a journalist discover they are cursed and will soon die if they do not kill Sadako. But that’s not the whole story, it is much more terrible than assumed and not nearly as easy as they hoped.


And based on a secret that is kept in an attic by a man named Ikuma. What he fears most, happens, and he attempts to capture and trap the evil in a well.


This movie is Japanese with English subtitles and is somewhat long winded, it doesn’t get really good until the end but it makes sense because it’s a prequel. No gore, very little blood and not graphic, mostly eerie with some jump scares.





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