Macabre...ish Horror Review: Roadkill



Roadkill, 2011/ 88 min

Friends head to Ireland and rent an ancient RV for a road trip adventure. At a gas station/souvenir shop run by some creepy natives, Chuck steals a medallion, they attempt a clean getaway but accidentally run over an elderly one eyed lady. Before she succumbs, she curses them and warns them that the Roc will take vengeance on them. This road trip officially blows!

The group leave the scene and are immediately lost, when they stop for a child in the road, he runs away and a giant creature swoops in, grabbing Anita by the face and takes her away. This thing is ridiculous, violent and relentless, part prehistoric dinosaur/part cartoon predator. After taking Anita, it returns to attack the RV, disabling it. Every time this thing attacks, it goes for the face, just ripping whole chunks out of it. Some times full on decapitation.

The Roc is relentlessly attacking them until the find a house in the clearing and seek help, the inhabitants, unfortunately, are familiar. There’s a whole story going on with this family, curse and the medallion and these kids found themselves in the middle of it with, seemingly, no way out.
As they fight this thing and the family, they work out what’s going on and possibly how to stop it.

This movie is actually pretty entertaining, bloody and gory, then you get a look at the beast and it looks pretty hilarious. But the physical effects are horrifically gory. It is pretty well balanced and intense right up til the end. The effects on the Roc though, terrible, but the movie was otherwise was pretty good.

Oh and this is the Roadkill with the bird in Ireland, not the meat truck in Australia. Stephen Rea and Ned Dennehy are in this one.


Not this one!! 🧐