Macabre...ish Horror Review: Rose Red



Rose Red, 2002/ 255 min. miniseries



Built in 1906 in the heart of Seattle by oil tycoon, John Rimbauer, as a wedding gift for his new wife, Ellen. The house is built on 40 acres of Native American burial ground. During construction of the house, 23 people have died (everything from suicides, murders to accidents) or disappeared and so the house is thought to be cursed.



Though the house is grand, Ellen is soon miserable. Her husband is a philandering misogynist who sickens her with stds. They have 2 children, Adam and April, April is born with a withered arm. And after a séance, Ellen comes to believe that if she continues adding to the house, she will live forever. And so she continues expanding the house and it costs nearly all of the Rimbauer fortune.


This house brings nothing but tragedy and despair and spares no one, not even the Rimbauers, all the while it grows bigger. Even changing shape before people’s eyes.



It’s become a favorite haunt for psychics and other dabblers of paranormal activity. 

In fact, paranormal tours funded the house but were suspended after a person vanished during a tour.



There are some favs in this one including Julian Sands, Jimmi Simpson and Emily Deschanel. The effects are pretty good and creepy! This is based on a story and screenplay by Stephen King.



Also see The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer. Enjoy!







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