Macabre…ish Horror Review: Roseblood




Roseblood - A Friday the 13th fan film 

This is a continuation of Friday the 13th part VII

It begins with Jason, still decomposing in a body of water and a lady, Tina (Lar Park-Lincoln) in a mental institution.

Tina Shepard (Jessica Hottman) is being exploited for her psychokinetic power under the guise of therapy for over a year and hasn’t been allowed to go home. Her mother was killed, she saved Nick (Kevin Spirtas), she beat Jason and now she is being experimented on by the military.


Now they want to start human trials for something called Project Manifest and the first creation of a spirit molecule, made from DMT, it hasn’t even been tested on rats. But the plan is to test it on Tina.


As the good doctor (David E. McMahon) and Colonel Chase (Tommy Lee Driver) call a meeting, the General Brackbower (Peter Anthony) calls and informs them that he found another one and under guard he arrives with another more gifted psionic, Rose (Sanae Loutsis), chained to a dolly, in a straight jacket.


The creator of the serum is Dr. Creighton Tuk aka Duke (Jequient Broaden) warns them that this is dangerous ground but the General could not care less. He’s escalating this to Phase 2, human trials. And that’s leading to his bigger plan to lure Jason back, the Colonel even created a team trained to capture him.


If this works, there are bigger implications and plans, for Rose, specifically. But there will be some changes of heart and a lot of people have to die first.


This is a fan film, directed by Peter Anthony and filmed by Todd Jenkins who created Cherokee Creek and played an orderly. It might help with this movie to watch Friday the 13th, Part 7.


First, this is a low budget film which is not a problem for me, I like all budgets, this one took a while to get to it though. Jason Brooks actually makes a very decent Jason Voorhees. When it is gory, it is very gory. The physical effects are ok and much more of a gore fest than expected.


The dialogue, I found it to be somewhat long winded but I prefer slashers with more killing and less talking. Seriously though, when Jason showed up it was a gruesome blood bath. It ranged from hilarious and disgusting to outlandish and awesome! The end was exciting though. Check out the full feature on youtube.


Plus I talk about this movie on my podcast, Macabre…ish Cults, Classics & Horrors with Todd Jenkins who filmed and acted in it. Click the hyperlink or find it whereever there are podcasts.