Macabre…ish Horror Review: Saint


Saint, 2010/ 1 hr 25 min

Sint (original Dutch title) aka Saint Nick (US)


Sinterklaas is a tradition celebrated on December 5th, children believe he’s a nice man who brings them gifts every year, there are no elves but there are what are called Black Petes. The belief is they are black because of soot from coming down the chimney but that is not why.


The truth of December 5th is it marks the death of a gang, led by former Bishop Niklas (Huub Stapel), who were killed by the towns people who were fed up with their pillaging and killing. And when there is a full moon on December 5th, the gang returns. Not to deliver gifts but to kill, the Petes are black because they were burned to death.


Goert (Bert Luppes) loses his family during Sinterklaas, his siblings snatched up a chimney and his parents slaughtered. Hundreds of people were killed and then their deaths covered up. Forty years later as a detective it looks like there will be another full moon on December 5th and Goert tries to get the holiday festivities canceled but he is ignored, called crazy and put on leave.


Meanwhile, high school student, Frank (Egbert Jan Weeber), is set to play Sinterklaas in a production, his friends and car is viciously attacked. He gets away but is arrested for killing his friends, as well as his ex girlfriend who was found dead at home, dangling from inside her fireplace. No one believes Frank except Goert and it will be up to them both to survive, hopefully save Amsterdam and somehow stop the ghosts of the past from returning in the future. No one is safe but especially not children and Goert has a plan!


This is a Dutch Christmas horror film and it is very graphic and gory. It has pretty good pacing and really good fight/kill scenes. Some of CG is hilarious but it’s barely noticeable plus good physical effects. And there is this somewhat American Werewolf in London feel to it. Expect jump scares, gore and violence. And the man who created this movie is Dick Maas, also the director of Amsterdamned and De Lift. Enjoy!

 TW: Black face.