Macabre…ish Horror Review: Santa’s Slay


Santa’s Slay, 2005/ 78 min


On Christmas Eve, the Mason Family spends their holiday meal bickering about money when Santa blasts his way out of the chimney and begins this Christmas slaughter by kicking the dog across the room and continues with using ornaments and dinner as murder weapons on this family.


Afterward, on his way to Hell Township on his sleigh pulled by his human eating Hell Deer, he runs an old woman off the road and then goes on a slaughter spree of the town starting with the salvation army santa. And continues to a strip club, deli, police station etc. and killing most in a festive way with ornaments. And he still passes out presents, they’re just bombs now. Actual explosive devices…

Meanwhile, a teen begs his granddad about the real meaning of Christmas. His grandfather is seen as an outcast in town. He has strange ideas about Christmas and keeps watch at surveillance monitors, stockpiles weapons and has a bunker. He seems to know something everyone else doesn’t.


He finds out about a family secret and a possession that tells the story of Santa and it is a terrible story starting with the knowledge that Santa is a virgin birth a product of Satan. An angel beat Santa in a curling match and sentenced him to deliver presents for 1000 years. That was 1005 A.D. and times is up, Santa is free to kill again.


If they can just survive until Christmas is over. Until next year anyway. Or maybe someone will challenge Santa to another game.

This is a Canadian/American Santa slasher. It is a comedy horror and it is ridiculous and graphic!! One of the funniest things about this is how many jewish people are in this, including the actor who plays Santa. Lots of tongue in cheek comedy and dark humor in this one so it’s not for everyone. The physical effects are pretty solid and the CG is hilarious.


The cast includes Fran Drescher, Chris Kattan, Saul Rubinek, Rebecca Gayheart, Bill Goldberg, Tom ‘Tiny’ Lister and Douglas Smith. Enjoy!