Macabre...ish Horror Review: Satan’s Little Helper



Satan’s Little Helper, 2004/ 100 min. Dougie (Alexander Brickel) is a nine year old who’s obsessed with the game, Satan’s Little Helper. His sister, Jenna (Katheryn Winnick) comes home from college for Halloween with her boyfriend, Alex (Stephen Graham), so Dougie wanders off and finds a man dressed as Satan (Joshua Annex) and he believes he’s the real Satan. And he’s arranging a dead body on a lawn as decoration. So Dougie approaches him and asks him for help sending his sister’s boyfriend to Hell. To which he nods yes. 



Dougie takes Satan home with him and hides him in the basement, intending to lure Alex, to him.  But the plan fails, so they opt for an ambush, when Alex goes shopping for a costume. It’s a success. Alex is believed to be dead and his body is set up as a Halloween yard ornament.



And Satan returns home with Dougie, in place of Alex, who was supposed to come back with a Satan costume. Dougie and Satan also shoplift tools and candy from a store



and kills a bagger who tries to stop them and assaults several people in the lot with the shopping cart. Dougie is having a blast, he’s Satan’s helper, just like in his video game. He has no understanding, at all, that this man is not Satan and that they are actually hurting and killing people. As a matter of fact, aside from the victims, no one does. It’s Halloween, after all. 


The bodies are really stacking up and by the time Dougie and his family understand the reality of what’s happening, it’s too late. Dad is disemboweled. Mom is trussed up in Saran Wrap and paraded to a party where she can’t



signal for help and is slowly suffocating. Meanwhile, Satan spikes the punch with poison.



Satan throws everyone off the trail by putting his costume on someone else and assuming a new costume, Jesus! 



Meanwhile, the body count is mounting in town and when help is called, the police department is dead and he ditches his Jesus costume by putting on Alex, who is then accidentally killed later by Jenna and her Mom (Amanda Plummer).



and assumes a new one, a policeman, and responds to the call for help. Thwarting everyone to the very end.


This is a ridiculous dark comedy horror that’s perfect if you want a horror flick but not too heavy. Not bloody and not very gory but still graphic. The bad guy never speaks and his preferred method of killing is with plastic wrap. And Dougie is a maddeningly, naive child.



It’s equally ridiculous and horrific. This quirky horror is perfect if you want horror but something not too heavy and not too serious.  There is nudity and some adult scenes. 



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