Macabre…ish Horror Review: Saturday the 14th



Saturday the 14th, 1981/ 1 hr 16 min


A strange couple, Waldemar (Jeffrey Tambor) and Yolanda (Nancy Lee Andrews) are house shopping and found the perfect house but unfortunately the it was left to John (Richard Benjamin) and Mary (Paula Prentiss) by Uncle Henry but they are warned that it is cursed. The family immediately take possession of the aged property but the prior couple who showed interest isn’t giving up.

There is something in the house they want and Don find a letter in the refrigerator that simply says, “Don’t open the book!” So of course that is the first book that’s opened.

Meanwhile, as soon as the book is opened, creatures begin arriving at the house and terrorizing anyone in and around the house. And the couple searching for it are suddenly aware that the book was found. Whoever has this book rules the world and everyone wants it.

The kids, Billy (Kevin Brando) and Debbie (Kari Michaelson) are terrified and monsters are terrorizing them, something’s wrong with Mom and Dad is completely oblivious to it all. But no matter how bad it is, they can’t sell it off it, it is part of Uncle Henry’s Estate. Good news though, Van Helsing (Severn Darden) has arrived to help!

All sorts of people, monsters and vampires will do what it takes to get this book but they have to be quick because if will all be over, one way or the other, on Saturday the fourteenth.

This is an 80s horror spoof, it is not really scary but there are some jump scares and some deaths but nothing graphic. Among the cast os Stacy Keach Sr. If you enjoy 80s movies you might like this ridiculous horror comedy.