Macabre...ish Horror Review: Saw 2



Saw 2, 2005/ 93 min.



A man awakens in a room with a metal bear trap-like mask, filled with spikes, affixed around his neck. A tv comes on an warns him of the challenge and when the timer starts, all he has to do is retrieve the key and free himself from the device before it springs shut. The key has been surgically placed inside his right eye. He has a scalpel and a minute to do it in. Then the mask slams shut.



A cop, Det. Eric Matthews (Donnie Wahlburg), reluctantly joins the jigsaw case when his informant is killed and a message is left for him at the scene. And after finding a frail, John Kramer (Tobin Bell), who’s dying from cancer, they discover another game in progress and broadcasting on monitors. Eight people in a house, including the only known survivor of Jigsaw, Amanda Young (Shawnee Smith), including Daniel, Eric’s son, and the house will fill with gas after 2 hours but John assures Eric that he will see his son again, if he follows the rules.


Meanwhile, the strangers locked in a room, are searching for a way out. A microcassette informs them that the door will open in 3 hours and also of the gas that will kill them in 2 hours and that there are antidotes hidden throughout the house. But there are clues and they each have hints of them, including the combination to the safe in the room, that possesses one of the antidotes. They must discover what they have in common to discover the combination, including why they are there.



The house is full of heinous and deadly traps, which kills someone when the rules are not followed, whether on purpose or accident. Otherwise, you follow the rules and only suffer a maiming. All the while, each of them are suffering the effects of the gas they’ve been breathing, in varying degrees. After a while, the weaker victims become victim to the aggressive as they become more desperate.


Plenty of twists and surprises in this movie and it is a continuation or broader part of the original story. The effects, gore and brutality are the same. As well as quality, concept and story.



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