Macabre...ish Horror Review: Saw 3


Saw 3, 2006/ 108 min.


The 3rd installment and continuation of Saw and this time with Amanda (Shawnee Smith) at the helm. After being left in that hellish restroom to die, with Lawrence’s foot and Adam’s corpse, from 2 movies ago, Det. Matthews (Donnie Wahlberg) pulverizes his own foot with a toilet lid in order to escape his shackle.


Six months later the SWAT team discovers the aftermath of Jigsaw’s game and the victim, Troy, is tasked to free himself from chains attached to insane parts of his body like his jaw and Achilles in order to escape a bomb and walk out of the exit door, except that door is welded shut. This game is unwinnable.



Another officer, Det. Kerry, is kidnapped from the scene and inserted into the game. She awakens to discover her ribs connected to a harness and a key in a container of acid. Upon retrieving the key and opening the lock, she isn’t freed and when time runs out, her rib cage is torn open.



A doctor is also abducted from a hospital to keep John alive, a shotgun collar attached to her neck with John’s heart rate monitor connector to it. If his heart stops or she moves out of range, it’ll detonate.



There are so many other tests happening at the same time to culminate in a good surprise ending. I really enjoy how the story is told, with flashbacks, we’re shown how the game is set up, all the work that’s put in. The complicated relationship between John and Amanda, how victims are chosen and games set up. And as time goes on, as John dies, Amanda unravels. The nuance is as well done as the torture is heavy handed and frankly, I enjoyed both. 



This installation manages to be more brutal and graphic than the others and is definitely more diabolical and more about punishment and murder than the last two.



The story continues to be solid and continues with some of the same actors as the last movie. The effects and cinematography are still well done. The game continues and the end doesn’t disappoint. The people who put this franchise together are magicians, as far as I’m concerned it’s an impeccable telling and phenomenal creation. Well done!


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