Macabre...ish Horror Review: Saw 4



Saw 4, 2007/ 92 min.


During Kramer’s (Tobin Bell) autopsy, a wax covered microcassette is found in his stomach and reveals to Det. Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) that despite his death, the game continues and he is next to be tested.





Inside of a Mausoleum, elsewhere, two men awaken, one with his mouth sewn shut and one with his eyes sewn shut. They are both chained by their necks to a winch. The blind man panics, activating the winch and attacking the other man before killing him to retrieve the key from behind his collar and unlocking his own.





Four days later, SWAT has uncovered the aftermath of the last game, including Det. Kerry’s and there is evidence of another accomplice to the game as well as the games rigged to kill. One of the officer’s begins to suspect Rigg (Lyriq Bent), who’s become obsessed with rescuing people after the disappearance of Eric Matthews (Donnie Wahlberg), shortly he’s attacked at home. He awakens to a video, explaining that Eric is still alive, Hoffman is in danger but he can save them, he just has to play his own game. And he has only 90 minutes to save Eric and Det. Hoffman’s survival is linked to Eric’s.





Rigg finds a prostitute/madame in his living room and upon entering, he accidentally triggers the trap that begins tearing her scalp off.





But he is warned to walk away and not try to save her but he ignores the warning.  He frees her but kills her in self defense when she attacks him to evade arrest. He is then instructed to abduct a hotel owner who is also a serial rapist. Rigg then forces him into a trap where he must blind himself to escape.






Then on to a school where he investigated child abuse. Rigg arrives to find the child’s parents impaled by metal spikes.






Meanwhile, the police are on Rigg’s trail believing him to be the accomplice. All the while discovering connection’s to Kramer’s wife and her miscarriage. There is alot going on here, while processing the scene someone catches an arrow to the head and someone get glass shards blown in her face and the end is unexpected.


This movie continues with the same quality and care of the prior movies. Still solid and a continuation. Lots of flashbacks and more prequel of how Jigsaw came to be. And it began with Cecil...





The addict who door knobbed his wife in the stomach, causing the loss of their child.


More traps, games and carnage! Still very well done!




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