Macabre...ish Horror Review: Saw 5



Saw 5/ 2008, 92 min.


We're almost at the end y'all and the madness continues!





This one is a continuation and continuation of the prequel, meaning a lead up to the events that led to Det. Hoffman becoming a Jigsaw apprentice plus his countermeasures to keep from getting caught. 


The movie begins with a man, an early release convict, Seth Baxter, bound to a table, a giant pendulum blade above him. All he has to do is obliterate his hands to free himself, theoretically. Except he does and loses the game anyway, it’s rigged, this is not the work of Jigsaw.


Back in the plant with the now dead Doctor, Kramer and Amanda, Aaft. Straum shoots Jeff and is sealed in the room. He is warned to go no further by audio tape but leaves through a hidden exit anyway. And wakes up with his head in a box.





Meanwhile in an underground room 5 people are connected by collar to blades locked around their necks. The recording suggests they do the opposite of their instincts to survive escape the game. 





Hoffman is now suspected by Straum, who unexpectedly survived his test. Straum is removed from the case but his obsession with proving Hoffman's guilt puts him exactly where he shouldn't be.





This movie is still much the same quality as the others and continuing the story. It's just as bloody and gory. The tests are still crazy. People still have to give up a lot to survive. At this point, I’m still interested in seeing where the story was headed! I personally enjoy all the backstory, not to mention a good long story, which this franchise is! The story is still strong with recognizable actors. Lots of flashbacks.



Interesting note: The production designer for Saw 2,3 and 4 and Second Unit Director for Saw 3 and 4, David Hackl, directs this one. A lot of the same production people are still involved in the making of the franchise, including the score.


 Like the others, I enjoyed this one and I can appreciate the tests while showing us flashbacks, how tests were set up and apprentices were chosen. It may have been easier on our nerves to leave the games out but for the franchise, bad for business. I thought it was well balanced. Well done!



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