Macabre...ish Horror Review: Saw 6




Saw 6, 2009/ 90 min.


Two people, predatory lenders, wake up in a room with a scale, they are both wearing head harnesses. Bolts are aimed at their temples, the one who puts more flesh on the scale survives. Eddie, who is over weight, cuts off a love handle,



Simone hacks off her arm and when the time runs out, she survives.



Meanwhile, Det. Hoffmann exits the glass coffin unharmed meanwhile, FBI Agt. Straum’s corpse is almost completely obliterated except one hand. After hearing Simone survives the game, he meets her at the hospital and is approached by a journalist who says she found something at the meat packing plant but he dismisses her.


He goes on to meet Jill (Kramer’s wife) at her clinic and let’s her know he’s continuing the game and retrieves 5 envelopes left in to her in Kramer’s Will. Photos of people to be tested.


An insurance executive, William Easton, let a man die after consulting the company’s attorney. Hoffmann abducts him from his office and takes him to an abandoned zoo to be hooked up to his game. A vise tightens around his chest every time they inhale. He has an hour to complete 4 tasks before the bombs on his limbs detonate.





Another person being tested, Hank, is a smoker and dies when he can’t hold his breath. William must choose which of his coworkers to save from various traps. Hanging room, steam room and a carousel trap.



A woman and her son are observing this from a monitor while caged in a room containing a vat of hydrofluoric acid, seemingly connected to the sprinkler system and a switch marked live or die. The journalist, Pamela, is in another, similar set up with her own test.


As usual, it ends with some pretty heinous twists.


This movie is a direct continuation of the story, same actors reprising their former roles. Lots of flashbacks continuing to tell how the story has been unfolding behind the scenes and the unknowns. The traps and tests are as gruesome as usual and the quality and story integrity is maintained.

 P. S. Watch past the credits...


You can find this on here on itunes if you can’t find it streaming anywhere. Enjoy!  






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