Macabre…ish Horror Review: Scare Us



Scare Us, 2021/ 1 hr 37 min


Aspiring horror writers gather in a book store to share a personal short story after the reemergence of a serial killer known as Cutthroat.


Night Haul - A woman in the middle of a break up is putting her belongings in storage. She runs into a priest who’s coughing up blood who warns her to stay away. Of course, she doesn’t and after he collapses, she hears someone in a unit and they are not just in the unit but in a crate, covered in plastic and wrapped in chains.


Untethered - A family struggles Dad’s mental deterioration and the son looks in his office and through his files and finds what looks like crime scene photos. After which he starts have terrifying nightmares and hallucinations.


Dead Ringer - A hitchhiker finds a seemingly abandoned car, door open with keys inside. A man, Russell runs up and warns him to get out of here or he’s dead. He says he’s running from his wife and he’s scared. He’ll find out for himself what’s so scary.


The Resting - After looking through a scrap book a woman, Judith, calmly puts the book away and hangs herself. Her estranged daughter, Anne, arrives to handle her affairs and Judith’s best friend, Esther, comes and Anne has questions about her mother and so they plan to get together for dinner to talk . None of what happened, she was prepared for.


After Hours - At closing time at a movie theatre, there is one person left 10 minutes after the movie was over. An employee goes to kick him out and doesn’t survive it.

This story begins to really freak out the group and they aren’t ready for what happens next.


This was a fun and disturbing anthology. All of the stories leave the watcher hanging but they’re part of the overall story, much live the V/H/S franchise. The physical effects are good and the stories are short but eerie or disturbing. I wish it was longer, well done!