Macabre...ish Horror Review: Scary Stories To Tell in The Dark

So I’m actually out of town and (replied to a question about this flick on Quora) and noticed this movie on Red Box and since I never had the pleasure of using one.


And now I have...


Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, 2019/ 1 hr 47 min



Based on one of my favorite book series as a kid by Alvin Schwartz and one I still highly recommend by the way...



Three friends (Stella, Auggie and Chuck) play a prank on the town bully, Tommy, on Halloween night. When he and his gang chase them to retaliate, they take refuge in Ramón’s car, a drifter watching Night of the Living Dead, in the local drive-in theater.


Later, to repay his kindness, the friends invite him to a haunted house, the old Bellows residence. The family founded Mill  Valley. Inside the house they find a secret room and inside, a book of scary stories written by Sarah Bellows. While inside, Tommy follows behind and locks them inside. And something else, let’s them out.


After they escape and back at Stella’s house, with Sarah’s book, they discover new stories being written. And the new stories involve real people and the stories coincide with insane things happening to them in real life.


Stella is certain the stories are real and want to warn the people showing up in the stories but the friends are skeptical. But they end up rescuing one Ruth, sort of...


The group researches the Bellows’ and discovers a family tragedy, used to cover up a town secret. And finally understanding the function of Sarah’s book. Stella thinks that is she can reason with the departed, Sarah Bellows, then she can stop the stories and stop the horrific deaths and disappearances of the townspeople.


Well this movie was as great as I’d hoped. It has everything! Haunted house, scary cornfields, zombies, scarecrows, family secrets,  alternative realities and so much more!  And they manage to get it done without it being over done. 

 Great cinematography, casting and concept. Very well balanced and paced. Hopeful ending, a good sequel would be amazing!

Ready to watch it?! It’s here on itunes. Enjoy!! Seriously, if like the movie, consider Schwartz’s stories, here’s the audiobook version, just let it play and be creeped out! 






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