Macabre...ish Horror Review: Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse



Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse, 2015/ 1 hr 32 min.


A nosy janitor (Blake Anderson) really screws up when he’s startled and falls into the life support machines of a man in a lab. While trying chest compressions, he breaks through the abdominal cavity and the man wakes up and attacks him. Hecis clearly a zombie, the janitor doesn’t make it and neither does the scientist in the hall.


Meanwhile, 3 high school sophomores are in Scouts and it’s recruitment time! But 2 of the scouts, Ben (Tye Sheridan) and Carter (Logan Miller), are thinking of quitting, they are, by chance, invited to the senior party that is the same time as their camp out. All the while, all around them, people and animals are turning into zombies.


While unsuccessfully trying to buy beer, they meet a Denise (Sarah Dumont), cocktail waitress, who helps them out. And later at camp, their scout leader (David Koechner) is a no show because he fought a zombie deer and got eaten by a scientist. Later that night, the third scout, Augie (Joey Morgan), catches Ben and Carter sneaking off to the party.


But first, the guys make a pitstop to a scary, empty strip club, just to watch a zombie stripper fall apart on the pole and to be attacked by both her and a zombie bouncer. Then they are saved by Denise!


Augie, meanwhile, heads to the Scout leader’s house (also known as a shrine to Dolly Parton) looking for him and almost gets killed by Scout Rogers, while on the toilet. Then it’s a fight for his life.


And while the scouts weren’t looking, the entire town was evacuated, everyone except the kids at the senior party and zombies, of course. They have 2 hours to get out of town plus anyone else alive before the bomb drops. But first, they have to find the party.


This is a horror comedy with fast zombies. Zombie make up goes from barely any to truly heinous and very nice kills too. There are some nudity and adult scenes, lots of blood and gore and a lot of adult humor. Bonus points for zombie animals. This was a fun flick!


R.I.P 🥀 Cloris Leachman who plays Ms. Fielder