Macabre...ish Horror Review: Se7en


Seven/Se7en, 1995/ 127 min.


On the eve of his retirement, Det. Lt. William Somerset (Morgan Freeman) is partnered with the newly arrived, Det. David Mills (Brad Pitt), to investigate the murders representing the seven deadly sins. Among the victims is a man who is tied to a chair and forced to eat himself to death. Cause of death, stomach rupture and representing the sin, gluttony.



An attorney, forced to cut away a pound of his own flesh, representing, greed.



Following the clues at the scenes, they are led to an apartment and third victim, a child molester and drug dealer, emaciated but still alive, representing sloth.



Surrounded by evidence of his long, slow death, planned over a year and documented with polaroids.



The killer is tracked down with library records leading to his apartment and subsequently to his next victim. A man forced by gunpoint to use a custom and bladed strap-on, on a prostitute, killing her and traumatizing him, representing lust. The next day a dead model, representing pride, her face was mutilated and she was given a choice to live, disfigured and call for help or commit suicide. Leaving her with a phone glued to one hand and a bottle of pills, glued to the other.




Meanwhile, Mills’ wife, Tracy (Gwyneth Paltrow) is pregnant and hates the location, it’s no place to raise a family and is considering abortion.



And finally after relentlessly pursuing this guy,




John Doe (Kevin Spacey) he finally turns himself in and is covered in fresh blood of another unknown victim. And with the last two sins to go and the last 2 victims unaccounted for. Mills endures Doe’s taunts and follows his instructions to uncover the final victims and unknowingly setting into motion his ultimate plan.



I really enjoy this movie. Its well paced, has a good story and concept. The dreariness of the cinematography really sets the tone of this movie. It’s bloody and graphic. Gross and shocking. All star cast. More of a thriller and a good one!


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