Macabre...ish Horror Review: See No Evil



See No Evil, 2006/ 84 min.


Remake of Richard Fleisher’s 1971 original. A young woman is found in an abandoned house, with her eyes removed. When officers investigate, a huge axe wielding man attacks them, killing Blaine and chopping off Frank’s arm. Frank shoots the man in the head and 7 more bodies are found, eyeless, in the house.



Four years later, Frank and his new partner escort a group of delinquents to clean up the old Blackwell Hotel, that will soon be a homeless shelter. When a few of them go off in search of a safe, they instead find a corpse, then a monster finds them. A giant with a big hook at the end of a chain, Jacob Goodnight. He seems to be everywhere, keeping the giant hotel under surveillance. Watch all comers through a series of peep holes, 2 way mirrors and hidden passages.



Some, he stalks in kills in different, sometimes, gruesome ways and those adorned with crosses (tats or jewelry) are captured, caged and collected, in his room. And they must behave or the punishment is forced ingestion of other people’s eyeballs. Also, Jacob Goodnight’s got a giant hole in the back of his head, teeming with maggots. And he had an affinity for collecting eyeballs in jars. Also a sign he’s near is the sound of swarming flies!



There some twists, jump scares, brutally graphic moments and torture. There’s also nudity and adult moments. It is a slasher flick and is some what gory and bloody. I really enjoy this one because the victims fight and fight hard to stay alive. No lame tripping over air and falling, unable to get up. The pacing is pretty good and once it gets going, it pretty well keeps going until the end. Not a lot of lag. Fun slasher.


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