Macabre…ish Horror Review: Seedpeople



Seedpeople, 1992/ 1 hr 21


Something strange is happening in Comet Valley and Tom survives to tell his story to the authorities…


Tom (Sam Hennings) checked into his ex girlfriend/ex sister in law, Heidi’s (Andrea Roth) b&b as the only guest. He’s in town to investigate meteorites that have been falling in the area lately. He finds a cave with old carvings indicating meteor activity 5 or 600 years ago.


Back at the b&b Heidi’s niece, Kim (Holly Fields), is terrified of the housekeeper, Mrs Santiago (Anne Betancourt), she claims the lady is acting odd and reading her mind. She later tries to catch her on camcorder, shape shift into a rolling hairy creature that is nothing but a face with arms.


Later, Frank checks out a tree baring bizarre fruit and after poking it with a stick, he’s hosed down with thick white viscous fluid that consumes him and births a strange little creature with long arms, no legs and pincers.


Some of the towns people are reportedly  acting strange, all after visiting the valley.


More people find that tree and notice some of the buds have already pollinated and they pollinate differently from each other. A bud opens and sprays a man in what looks like dry pollen and pellets, until he is completely covered.


Later, a towns person brings Tom what he thinks is a meteorite but it needs further analysis. And Doc Roller (Bernard Kates) is drunk and scared, his lab seems to be populated with these creatures and he means to kill them but not before they get Frasier (J. Marvin Campbell). Doc tells Tom that the meteorite is actually a seed and part of a greater plan before he disappears again.


Upon inspection of doc’s lab, Tom finds more meteorites that per his notes, turn out to be seeds. Doc has been doing his own testing and he knows a lot more than anyone, concerning these things.


More and more towns people are acting strange until they almost outgrow the population the still human population of Comet Valley. Kim is determined to get video evidence and runs into a man who used to be her father, Frank (John Mooney) but he’s not, he changes in front of her eyes and chases her through the woods.


Telecoms have been destroyed and Tom, Heidi and Kim need to escape and anyone else who’s still human. But first, they have to see if they can destroy the unpollinated seeds.


This is quintessential 90s scifi horror, it’s wacky the physical effects are other the top and it’s minimally scary but it’s also nostalgic and what I love about Full Moon movies! This is not gory or bloody but it’s still kind of gross. The characters can be insufferable but it’s fun to hate them. The aliens are interesting and imaginative. This is a fun movie! Keep an eye out for my Full Moon appreciation episode on Macabre…ish Cults, Classics & Horrors Podcast!