Macabre...ish Horror Review: Sequence Break




Sequence Break, 2017/ 1 hr 20 min.


An arcade game restorer and aspiring game designer, Oz (Chase Williamson) meets a girl, Tess (Fabiane Therese) just in time for someone to kill his boss and a new game to come into the shop. But something about this game is different, it’s messing with his mind and his perception. The board glows green and is somehow healing as it is being played.


The game mesmerizes and calls to people, one in particular, a man who keeps popping up in the shop. He once said,”Don’t just look into the void, let the void look into you.” He’s always trying to touch and talk to the game and becoming increasingly violent with every interaction.


One of the times Oz plays he vomits black bile and cables plus he’s changing. Then Tess finally can’t resist playing and her reaction is quite the opposite of Oz’s. And the obsessive man who keeps breaking in, tells Oz that he has a higher purpose in life and that Oz must do what he couldn’t and break the sequence. Then he kills himself.


This game is dangerous and if Oz can’t stop it, it’ll just keep attracting more people to destroy.


This is a scifi horror, definitely more scifi with a strong psychological horror aspect. This is a pretty trippy movie and I’d find it hard considering this horror but it was pretty good!