Macabre...ish Horror Review: Session 9



Session 9, 2001/ 100 min. Psychological horror. Gordon Fleming, not only is he having problems at home, he’s also in dire financial straits, which is the reason he’s given a low ball bid on an asbestos removal job in the old Danvers State Hospital, that’s closed 15 years ago. He and his team must finish this job in a week and the Danvers is massive.



He and his team are at odds between safety and speed, while Fleming grapples with his personal problems. And he’s there minutes before something begins happening him. Maybe the building is just creeping him out? One of his team/buddies, Phil (David Caruso), senses his struggle and tries to help but something else is going on here. Meanwhile, this impossible job is looking and they have to get it done. 


One of the team has a bad habit of sneaking away to listen to recordings of sessions and read patient files, in the basement.



Hank (Josh Lucas) happens upon a cache of old coins and valuables hidden in a wall and returns one evening to collect them. Another of the team has nichtophobia, a terrible fear of the dark, he’ll be no use at night or even in the basement.



Meanwhile the work goes on and with it, old stories of why people were sent to asylums and what was done to them. Not to mention, one of the team freaking out the new hire about the dangers of asbestos. 



By the middle of the week, people begin disappearing.



And Gordon is getting worse. Phil thinks it’s fatherhood, thrust upon him, screwing with his head. The movie is intertwined with the struggle to finish the job, recordings of sessions and hints as to what’s going on. You’d likely have to watch it more than once. 


This movie is all about the creepy music, jump scares and psychology. There are so many twists and they all make the movie creepier. It seems slow but you’re just being lured into complacency before the rug gets pulled out from under you. I made the mistake of watching this in the middle of the night and this freaked me out. I almost had to turn on a light!



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