Macabre…ish Horror Review: She Never Died




She Never Died, 2019/ 1 hr 30 min



Twelve people missing in 2 months, mutilated, missing body parts and the police have nothing.


Meanwhile the city’s absolute scum of the earth, from rapists to atrocious people streaming heinous acts of violence of marginalized people and animals, they are being hunter by a homeless black woman, Lilith/Lacey (Olunike Adeliyi). But that’s not all she is.


Her interaction with a man playing russian roulette left her with a gunshot to her face and the massive hole in her head, it slowed her down, not one bit. She also removed the eyes and fingers of her victim.


Though these kills seem random, she’s hunting specific people. She doesn’t bother anyone else but disrespect does get her attention.


One day she gets the attention of a cop, Charlie Godfrey (Peter MacNeill) and has a long conversation with him about what she’s doing and why. Turns out, they are both looking for the same guy, Terence Remander (Noah Danby). He’s a kidnapper, trafficker, torturer and murderer. He and his sister, Meredith (Michelle Nolden) are in the human trafficking/fetish/snuff trade together and sells their clients, brutality.


The cop gives Lilith who introduces herself as Lacey, a deal she can’t refuse, a trade, he gives her the opportunity of an another criminal, Paul (Dax Ravina) in trade for the one she’s hunting. But there’s a trafficking victim and witness, Suzzie (Kiana Madeira) she released and now can’t get rid of. She’s chipper, talks a lot and her questions are relentless.


The Remander siblings run a tight ship and organize like a corporation. They know about Lacey and kidnap Godfrey to track her down because she’s the exotic show their customers want to see and they expect to make a lot of money off her. And they get some of what they wanted plus a lot more they did not.


Meanwhile, Suzzie is doing everything she can to find and rescue Lacey.



This is an action horror directed by Audrey Cummings and it is good! It’s a sister sequel to Henry Rollin’s, He Never Died and set in that same universe. This is graphic, violent and sometimes very gory. Good concept, cinematography and ending, it’s well set up for a sequel. This is very good!!