Macabre...ish Horror Review: Shook



Shook, 2021/ 84 min


It all begins with dognappings and killings...

An influencer is terrorized by someone who is stalking her, her family and friends via social media. This person knows her phone number and has access to her house’s smart system. Calls incessantly, turns the lights off and on, then steals her dog.

 She cannot leave the house, call the police or alert the neighbors or someone she cares about will be killed. But first, she has to choose who lives, the dog, Chico or her best friend.

 And so the voice on the phone asks her random questions, if she gets it right, they move on to the next question. She has 60 seconds to answer and if she’s wrong, she has to decide who dies. If she decides not answer then 2 die.

The challenge escalate from questions to actions and it’s only getting harder. Also, it’s being live streamed. This movie is filled with twists!

This is like a mystery horror and it was very entertaining! The few physical effects there were, were pretty good. But this is about the story and it gets painful to watch. Expect a few jump scares and a few graphic moments but it’s not SAW levels of heavy. It was surprisingly good!