Macabre...ish Horror Review: Shrooms




Shrooms, 2007/ 86 min.





College friends visit Ireland to camp and collect (psilocybin) magic mushrooms.





They are taken to a prime location, by a local, for both. Unfortunately, it's located in the woods near an abandoned home for troubled children.


While collecting mushrooms, Tara, eats a death bell mushroom and suffers a seizure, that puts her in a trance like state and gives her premonitions.







Around the camp fire, Jake, tells a story of a sadistic monk who resided in the abandoned house nearby, who massacred 78 people, which triggers Tara's premonitions of her friends' deaths.


After partaking of mushroom tea, the already volatile group start tripping, separates and gets lost while searching for, one of their boyfriend's, Bluto. They no longer know what's real anymore. Are they being chased? If so, are they being chased by a ghost? Maybe it's some former residents of the home, still living in the woods?






This is a trippy movie, it's easy to get lost if you're not paying attention. Lot's of hallucinations, dreams and flashes. This movie has some jump scares and creepy moments. The end has a very decent twist that makes the movie make a lot of sense if you don't bail out early. I enjoyed the cinematography, the only thing I'll say is it would've been scarier without the 'apparition'. Very little blood and guts and not graphic. Strong ghost story vibe.





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