Macabre…ish Horror Review: Sick For Toys




Sick For Toys, 2018/ 1 hr 30 min

A woman, Amelia is very emotionally immature woman with a fixation on Christmas. And every year she gets a very special toy for Christmas. Her house and special play room in the garage are all covered in too many lights, Christmas Trees and ornaments. The shelves are full of toys but she keeps her Christmas toys on the floor, medically and physically restrained.


She gets them by going out on dates and bringing them home and not letting them leave. The first is a man named Jason and this year she gets a second, his friend, Roy. Who she met while he was inquiring about his missing friend.


This is all made possible by brother, Edward who makes sure the men cannot and do not leave. Edward is equally awkward but not as weird as Amelia but the make sure to freak Roy out at dinner with their odd family fight, sparked by a crazy bout of over sharing.


But none of the toys last beyond Christmas or if the toys stop working right. Except Amelia has no idea what happens when the toys leave. Well not until Roy is discarded.


And then Edward also turns into a toy and breaks. But Amelia knows the rules and broken toys must either be fixed of discarded.

This is a thriller and it’s like a V.C. Andrews movie on the Hallmark Channel but edited from a 1990s Cinemax version. It’s not a poorly made movie but for me it was hard to watch because of the sexual assaults so trigger warning. There are some adult scenes, gore and blood but the family of weirdos and sexual violence, (which by the way starts before the credits in the first 3 minutes) is what’s scary about this movie. And the end was fairly infuriating.