Macabre...ish Horror Review: Silent Hill


Silent Hill, 2006/ 125 min.



The parents of adopted daughter, Sharon, are concerned about her constant sleepwalking and nightmares about an abandoned town, 30 miles away. Mom, Rose, takes a drastic step and decides to take Sharon to Silent Hill for answers.


On the way, Rose gets in an accident and after waking up in an apparent alternate reality in Silent Hill and Sharon is nowhere to be found. The town transitions into a nightmarish hellscape at regular intervals and in this hellscape resides monsters. One more terrifying, incomprehensible and horrific than the last.



From Pyramid Head, a muscular monstrosity of a man who wields an impossibly massive sword and moves with an ever present wave of creatures in his wake.


To a contorted condemned corpse of a man, who lives in a decrepit school restroom, bent backward into a scorpion position, forever bound in a rusty, tangle of barbed wire.



All the dead horror, coming to life, at the sound of the horn and their only purpose, is to destroy.


But Silent Hill is not just the home of the dead but the remnants of a cult, the Brethren, still live here, caught in their fanaticism. They are responsible for a series of tragedies in this town, the cause affect and cover up. The seemingly cursed state of the place, their penance. But they are not the source of this curse. And Sharon has something to do with it.


Her dad, Christopher, is also searching for Rose and Sharon’s whereabouts and discovering terrible details about the adoption. The police officer, Rose and Sharon encountered at the gas station, makes it into town and joins the search.



The end is unexpected and this is a very heavy and graphic movie. Lots of graphic effects, jump scares, good cast and a heavy story. If you like being scared, creeped out and horrified, you might like this one. I really enjoy this movie!



 If it is not streaming anywhere, it is here, on itunes. Enjoy! 



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