Macabre…ish Horror Review: SlashFM



SlashFM, 2022/ 1 hr 22 min


A radio disc jockey, Count Slashula (Derek Daisy), warns of a serial killer in town, in Hazel Falls, NY, that was active 3 years ago that may have gone dormant or might be dead but either way he was never caught.



Vivian’s (Alex Duncan) heroes are geniuses and serial killers and she began killing as a kid. She is now a head accountant at a firm by day and murderer by night. She also enjoys serial killer statistics and operates the opposite of said statistics in order to get away with her crimes.


One day there’s a new hire, Alex (Clayton James), and Vivian’s smitten to the point of speechlessness. She’s falling for him hard and starts killing people with possessions that she thinks Alex might like. Increasing her likelihood of getting caught to almost 60% up from below 10%. She starts gifting Alex, her victim’s, possessions. And as she watches her crimes being reported on the news, she starts to be annoyed that her kills are attributed to men.


One night, she’s almost caught but the cop is so certain a man is the culprit that he asks her which way the guy went who killed her victim. Vivian finally asks Alex out and finds out he’s nothing like she thought. He’s not a deep thinking lover of math, he’s an insufferable frat guy. She confesses to killing 23 people for him and he doesn’t believe it. And he’s not interested in her at all.


She decides she made a mistake and that night she watches Alex get arrested on the news for being a serial killer and all those gifts she gave him are considered trophies



Slash (Gustavo Franko), dressed to the nines, goes on speed dates where he disgusts most of the speed daters because his face is terribly deformed. But he does meet someone, a woman named Sarah (Jecca Bittner). And she has an equally deformed face. They make a date for dinner but it is not the kind of dinner date she was expecting. On that night, Slash grinds her up and eats her raw. He later hangs her name tag up with all the others.



A man catches an uber and gets into a car driven by a nice lady who offers him a drink that will make tomorrow’s hangover easier. But then he gets a call from an uber driver and tells him that he already got a ride. He shrugs the call off after his driver reassures him the app is glitchy.


She drives around, gets him food and once he’s sleepy she gets rid of his phone, then drives him to the woods and takes a hammer out of a tree and beats him with it. This is not the first time she’s done this and  it won’t be the last.



In an elevator, a woman is experiencing the other person on the elevator as a violent aggressive person. Even though he’s just standing there minding his own business. To her the walls are covered in blood and he’s using a box cutter to mutilate himself.


When he begins paying attention to her, he’s experiencing the same thing, except she’s stabbing herself with shears while seductively watching him.


They stare in each other’s eyes and the door opens, everything is normal again and a janitor enters and we hear him silently being carved up.



Milton is killed by the lake by what the news has dubbed ‘Pizard’ because it looks like half pig/half lizard. But it won’t stop his friends from partying on the lake. The party is a bust and a couple friends see the creature right up close when one of them searches for his phone.


Though this creature is killing quite a few people, not many are taking it seriously at all. It’s like a weird joke. And honestly, the pizard kind of looks like a joke. It turns out this is some kind of strange conspiracy. And the pizard is not what it appears.



Sam is off her meds and is not herself. She’s seeing things around her house, humanoid creatures that crawls and floats and has eyes that light up. After taking her meds, the creature vanishes but evidence of it’s presence is everywhere. When it attacks her, she fights back, stabbing it but it turns out to be her husband’s mom or so it seems.


When he runs to her aid, Sam dials 911 for help but in the background, he’s being possessed. When Sam realizes what has happened, she steels herself to fight.




This anthology is framed by 94.1 Slash FM radio and it’s host Slashula. The episodes range from goofy to slasher and the anthology feels longer than it actually is. If you enjoy indie horrors, you might recognize some faces like Ali Alkhafaji and Leila Annastasia Scott.