Macabre...ish Horror Review: Slaughter High



Slaughter High, 1986/ 91 min.


Marty, the high school outcast is seduced by the popular girl, Carol, in the women’s locker room and it turns out to be a prank.





Marty gets naked and unveils himself to a bunch of students, recording and humiliating him.





Marty endures more humiliating pranks until finally disfigured after his project is tampered with.


Ten years later, former cool kids, are invited to the high school reunion, upon arriving, however, they discover there is no reunion. The school has long been abandoned and in disrepair. So once it gets dark and begins to rain, they decide to break in and party. And after wandering around, they find an impromptu ‘party’ set up. Complete with alcohol and food, lockers and old photos of themselves.





Soon the friends are dying in horrific and graphic ways. One’s bowel explodes, another one is melted, there’s death by drowning in a cesspool, evisceration etc. 






The deaths are dramatic and over the top and it can get boring between kills. I really enjoyed the practical effects though.



There’s bullying, adult scenes, nudity and drugs. Expect jump scares and graphic scenes and the cinematography is very dark. Enjoy 80s horror fans!!




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