Macabre...ish Horror Review: Slaxx



Slaxx, 2020/ 1 hr 17 min


A Canadian Cotton Clothier is experimenting with some new cotton in the new season which is cutting edge of unisex denim wear.

But first, let me just say this trendy store culture is toxic in every conceivable way, nothing matters but the rules. And so when the pants begin to strike, the only thing the manager cares about is keeping it undercover.

The products, Super Shaper jeans, land in the CCC department store and immediately start wreaking havoc with their unique technology that is heat activated and supposedly will adjust to everyone’s unique body shape. And boy, do they ever!! And after they make a mess, they clean up after themselves.

Plus after each use, the emblem on the pocket slowly fills in. As it gets more out of control, a new hire insists on getting help but the manager, insists the store is on lock down until the morning and he is desperate to keep this disaster under wraps. Also the lock down is also a lock in, so everyone in the store is in danger. Well almost everyone and that might be the clue to ending this nightmare.

This movie is a weird concept done well! Not only does it have a diverse cast, it’s also a fun concept! It has good physical effects, gory and bloody, with some dark comedy. I just never knew what might happen next and was always delighted by how weird it was. Well done!

P.S. Watch through the credits.