Macabre...ish Horror Review: Sleepaway Camp




Sleepaway Camp aka Nightmare Vacation, 1983/ 84 min. A family’s boating at Camp Arawak and are playing in the water after the kids, Angela and Peter,  playfully capsize the boat, when some teens, a camp counselor, hits and kills one of the kids with their speed boat. 


Eight years later, Angela, is living with her cousin, Ricky, and his eccentric mother,



they go to camp and Angela is bullied for being an introvert. It’s a general nightmare of being picked on by campers and attempted molestation by personnel. Then people begin to die. One person drowns, another is trapped in the restroom and stung to death by bees. Another stabbed in the shower, kids hacked to death. Everyone that’s ever done anything to Angela is either injured or dies. 



Finally counselors realize campers are missing and begin searching for them. Meanwhile, Angela invites Paul skinny dipping and Ricky is discovered unconscious, after being beaten by the camp director, who insists he’s the culprit and doing it to ruin him.  Speaking of..



And Angela sits on the beach cradling Paul’s severed head and stroking it’s hair. She stands and reveals herself to be a killer but also a boy!



A flashback reveals that it was Angela who actually died and Peter lived. Once he was taken in by his crazy aunt, she raised him as the daughter she’s always wanted. 



I forgot how crazy this movie was and how much swearing there was! (Is this a troubled youth camp, these are some bad kids lol) The kills are graphic and there are lots of different kinds of them, also you don’t see the attack but the aftermath and the aftermath is usually terrible and well done, effects wise. I also like the killer POV shots, it makes it a little extra creepy. 


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