Macabre...ish Horror Review: Slugs



Slugs, 1988/ 92 mins. This movie is based on a 1982 book, with the same name and gets right into it. It movie opens with a half naked teenager who’s boyfriend presumably gets consumed by something in the lake. Then the scene changes to a house with a bunch of slugs coming through a vent and a man being attacked later. The deaths begin to mount and the Sheriff is mystified by the cause, even when the cause is discovered, he won’t believe it.



One man fights the local bureaucracy to try to save the town, if only he can get someone in authority to listen. The problem is, no one in town has seen the slugs killing anyone and survived, until one does. Meanwhile, one of these slugs was taken to a lab and the theory was correct, these giant slugs eat met and the scientist has discovered a handy way to kill them, causing the slugs to explode.



This movie has that typical 80s horror slasher movie feel and cinematography. Specifically My Bloody Valentine, if you liked the feel of that movie, you may enjoy this one. There’s nudity, sex scene and adult language. The effects are ok. It’s graphic, bloody and gory. If tons of slugs and slime disgusts you then skip this one. Also, as a heads up there’s an attempted sexual assault.



For it being about slugs, it’s not hokey as one would expect and has lots of good, grisly deaths, it’s pretty good, for what it is. Enjoy, 80s horror fans!



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