Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Slumber Party Massacre



The Slumber Party Massacre, 1982/ 76 min.

This is a classic low budget 80s teen slasher flick. The movie is alot of nudity, punctuated with moments of violence. 

We start of strong with a sudden kidnapping and murder and then Thorn chases a girl around an empty school and presumably kills her. So really this movie and premise starts well before the Slumber Party, which is arguably the least interesting part of the movie.

 There’s about a 30 minute lag where we’re just waiting for something to happen, as the change clothes, yet again, and wonder around in the dark, freaking themselves out. It also includes some neighboring sisters, doing, literally, the same thing. In addition, two creeps from school are also enjoying the party from outside, drinking beer, lurking...and it goes bad from there.

Then the action begins again and we watch this random blood spattered guy with an auger(?), lurking and killing everyone he sees and stacking up bodies, everywhere, from a trunk to a fridge. And we watch a bunch of clueless kids barely try to stay alive.

Meanwhile, even the slasher hides in weird places like under a random blanket on the floor! And when a pizza guy arrives, at the door, eyeless...they made sure to not let that pizza go to waste.

It’s that low budget 80s fare that you either love or love to hate! Lots of nudity (Russ Meyer, anyone!), gory but not overly so. Visually the movie is dark,  expect jump scares. It’s also not as graphic as you’d think because they do not show much of the kills that they do show. I’m sure it has more to do with budget than anything. This one’s much tamer than the second.




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