Macabre...ish Horror Review: Slumber Party Massacre 2



Slumber Party Massacre 2, 1987/ 1 hr 17 min.


Only one survived the first and lives in fear of that horror repeating itself. Now a senior in high school, she’s plagued with nightmares. But in trying to be a normal teenager, she’s now in a band and has a boyfriend.

 She wants to go to Sheila’s with the rest of the band for her birthday weekend. Instead of a planned visit to a mental hospital.

Meanwhile her nightmares are changing and so is the killer. He changes from a deranged man who’s escaped from a facility to a deranged, leather clad, rocker and instead of a drill, it’s (an auger) drill/guitar hybrid. The killer is wild in this one.


Courtney is not only having nightmares but also, visions and she’s been warned.



And because this is an 80s teen slasher flick, there’s gratuitous nudity. The effects are 80s terribleness, equally gross and hilarious. Includes an animated chicken escaping the fridge and an explosive zit. They don’t show many kills, mostly the grizzly aftermath. The killer is equally ridiculous, killing in between ‘serenades’ and flirting with the victims as he’s killing them. 


Complete with lighting and background music. It’s terribly insane and entertaining!






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