Macabre…ish Horror Review: Snow Piercer Series


Snow Piercer series



The people of Earth caused global warming, made worse by their leaders lies. When wars heated the Earth and caused her ice caps to melt, killing off a lot of it’s species. Then scientists acted to cool it off to reverse the damage, causing an accidental but great tundra, froze it to the core, that killed off the rest. Except a few human survivors.


A visionary, Mr. Wilford (Sean Bean), built an arc train, 1001 cars long that will traverse the Earth, indefinitely. The rich, many of who were responsible for this global catastrophe, flocked  to the train known as Snow Piercer, first. Leaving everyone else to die. But regular people invaded the train, even as security fired rounds into the crowd.


And even on the train, many were slaughtered. Class warfare began immediately and the lower class that hopped the train and live in the tail were cut off from the wealthy. They live in the dark and are fed rations, sometimes half rations, fed and treated like stock animals and ruled with violence, neglect, sterilization and hunger.


Meanwhile, they spend their time plotting. Plotting to take over the train. And the rich, they live as if little has changed. They socialize, go to restaurants and clubs, send their children to school, all in elegant dress.


And every once in a while, someone from the tail is summoned by removal request, to the front and they never know why and rarely return. Those who do not return and still live are considered traitors.


This time, Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs), was summoned, there has been a murder amongst the rich and because he was a homicide detective, they require his expertise to uncover the culprit. The victim was cut up and hidden, his genitals are nowhere to be found. And it’s happened before. But they already sentenced someone to The Drawers for that murder. The Drawers is like a medically induced stasis that people are put into after being put into actual drawers for storage.


Layton is uninterested, he wants to return to the tail. The other Wilford industry employees violently try to convince him to change his mind.


Layton drives a hard bargain, he requires rations, 3rd class immigration, reproductive rights for The Tail. But this outrages the Lead Brakeman, who argues that everyone else had tickets or jobs with The Tail boarded the train like rats.


Layton is first taken to see his former girlfriend and Tail resident, who sold out to work in the Night Car.


Meanwhile, The Tail that is at the beginning if their revolution just lost another leader, after Layton, to the fight, to suicide. But they decide to stick to the plan. When security comes to retrieve the remains, they strike. The plan is to take the Engine.