Macabre...ish Horror Review: Society



Society, 1989/ 1 hr 39 min


Bill (Billy Warlock) is struggling to fit into his family. Everything seems off and his parents are cold and treat him like he’s the one that’s odd. He’s trying to work it out in therapy but he still can’t shake the feeling that he’s being gaslit. Also the relationship between his parents and sister seems unusually close.

He’s also seeing bizarre things and it seems to be getting worse the closer it gets to his coming out party. One of his friends, Blanchard, bugs his family to find out what’s going on and he captures some interesting recordings. Bill takes the tape to his therapist but once again he’s brushed off.

Something crazy is happening in his life and he thinks his therapist is in on it, just like everyone else. It’s not just his family either, it seems to be the entire town and the secret is big. Big enough for everyone to do anything to cover it up, including kill anyone who tries to tell.

By the time he gets to the bottom of this his friend and other classmates will be dead and he’ll find out for himself what’s going on because he’s a ‘guest of honor’ to an annual tradition.

He’ll be proven right but it’s way worse than he thought.

Good, weird movie but if you don’t pay attention then you’ll miss something. Weird moments and characters throughout, mild kills until the end and then it gets gross. The physical effects are out of this world and goes hilariously off the rails by the end. This flick is uncomfortable to the bitter end. Well done!