Macabre...ish Horror Review: Soska’s Rabid


Rabid, 2019/ 110 min.



This is the Soska sister’s remake of Cronenberg’s 1977 horror of the same name and also made in Canada!


In this one, Rose (Laura Vandervoort) works in fashion and a particularly toxic environment and after a long day of being treated like crap, she’s invited to a work party by Brad (Ben Hollingsworth) and spends the time hiding from her boss and the mean girls from work. And when she finds out she’s on a pity date, set up by her best friend, Chelsea (Hanneke Talbot), she leaves the party and wakes up in the hospital.


She had an accident and her face has been badly injured, along with intestinal damage. Her doctor, Dr. Keloid (Stephen McHattie) has done what he can. After seeing her reflection, she calls herself a monster. Once home, Rose finds out about a clinic, Burroughs, and they offer an experimental stem cell manipulation procedure and free medical care for those willing to sign up. Rose signs up.


She gets the procedure done and wakes up, the impossible has happened. But also, something’s different and not good, different. Once back home though, she’s ready to go back to work, more determined than ever to succeed. Then Brad shows up with more flowers and apologies.


Rose often ‘dreams’ of biting and attacking me but wakes up in bed. But the men she bites, seem to become very aggressively violent, go insane and then biting their victims faces off. And, once a strict vegetarian, she now wants nothing but raw meat. She may have looked like a monster before but she’s definitely more monster now. Whatever is wrong with her, she’s spreading it.


This movie is good! Not too bloody and gory (until the last quarter of the movie) but when it is, it’s really graphic, the physical and monster effects are so good! And it gets really trippy toward the end.